Opening raw datasets

To open any raw dataset, take a look at the open_raw() function.


Open a raw data item, guessing the AbstractRawDataset instance that should be used based on available plug-ins.

This function can also be used as a context manager:

with open_raw('.') as dset:
Parameters:path (path-like) – Path to the file/folder containing the raw data.
Returns:raw – The raw dataset. If no format could be guessed, an RuntimeError is raised.
Return type:AbstractRawDataset instance
Raises:RuntimeError : if the data format could not be guessed.

Raw Dataset Classes

AbstractRawDataset([source, metadata]) Abstract base class for ultrafast electron diffraction data set.

Diffraction Dataset Classes

DiffractionDataset(name[, mode, driver, …]) Abstraction of an HDF5 file to represent diffraction datasets.
PowderDiffractionDataset(*args, **kwargs) Abstraction of HDF5 files for powder diffraction datasets.