Standalone Installation

Starting with iris 5.1.0, standalone Windows installers and executables are available. You can find them on the GitHub release page.

The standalone installers and executables make the installation of iris completely separate from any other Python installation. This method should be preferred, unless Python scripting using the iris library is required.

Installing the Python Package

If you want to script using iris data structures and algorithms, you need to install the iris-ued package.


Users are strongly recommended to manage these dependencies with the excellent Intel Distribution for Python which provides easy access to all of the above dependencies and more.

iris is available on PyPI as iris-ued:

python -m pip install iris-ued

iris is also available on the conda-forge channel:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install iris-ued

You can install the latest developer version of iris by cloning the git repository:

git clone

…then installing the package with:

cd iris-ued
python install

In Python code, iris can be imported as follows

import iris

Test data

Test reduced datasets are made available by the Siwick research group. The data can be accessed on the public data repository


If you want to check that all the tests are running correctly with your Python configuration, type:

python test